Referrals are accepted from a range of sources. Most referrals come from health, education or welfare professionals but individuals may refer themselves. A referral can be obtained from your GP with or without a Mental Health Plan, or from another medical specialist.

Although you can attend without a referral, your visit will not attract the Medicare rebate under these circumstances.

  • The Process

    Visit a GP

    Make an appointment with your GP or medical specialist to discuss your concerns

    Get a referral

    Having assessed your concerns, your GP or specialist can write you a referral letter.

    Make an appointment with us

    Call us on 03 9863 0000 and we can arrange an appointment with a Phoenics Health practitioner.

  • Medicare

    Under the current Better Access to Mental Health Initiative, General Practitioners, Psychiatrists and Paediatricians may refer to specialist allied health professionals who are registered with Medicare.

    This entitles the referred person to receive a Medicare rebate for the cost of the consultation. All allied health practitioners at Phoenics Health are registered with the Better Access Scheme.

    Psychiatrists are rebateable under Medicare. A referral from a General Practitioner is required.

  • Information for Doctors

    Referrals are welcome from GPs and other specialists who provide relevant patient history and treatment details, and have a current provider number.

    As some of our practitioners only have limited capacity to take on new patients, a referral does not guarantee that a patient will be seen at the clinic.

    Every attempt will be made to find an appropriate clinician, and if the patient cannot be seen you will be notified. Often direct contact with one of our clinicians for discussion about a patient referral is recommended.