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Frequently asked questions about our practice and your treatment options at Phoenics Health.

  • What are your opening hours?

    Phoenics Health is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Occasionally, individual practitioners may work later than this.

  • How do I decide which of your clinicians is right for me?

    We have clinicians from specialties including Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work and Occupational Therapy. All of our clinicians are experienced in providing psychotherapy to young people, adults and families. Our clinician profiles indicate clinicians who have a specific area of expertise or special interest that may be of importance to you. Only our psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication or admit to hospital.

  • How do I get a referral?

    A referral can be obtained from your GP with or without a Mental Health Plan, or from another medical specialist. Although you can attend without a referral, your visit will not attract the Medicare rebate under these circumstances.

  • What do I need to know about, or bring to my first consultation?

    It is important to bring a copy of your referral to your initial appointment. Information from previous treating clinicians and details of any current medication/treatment are also valuable in ensuring appropriate and safe management.

  • What fees apply to services provided by Phoenics Health?

    Each of our practitioners sets their own fees for service. All are Medicare rebated with a referral. Most clinicians’ fees will include a gap fee that is not covered by Medicare. This fee varies according to the clinician offering your treatment. Many clinicians are happy to negotiate fees according to need and/or bulk bill on certain occasions.

  • Are there rebates that apply to treatment with Phoenics Health?

    All our clinicians are registered with Medicare for rebates with an appropriate referral.

  • What if I require hospital treatment?

    If you would benefit from hospitalisation, our psychiatrists are credentialed with local private inpatient facilities such as The Albert Road Clinic or The Victoria Clinic, and can admit you and supervise your care whilst an inpatient. They are also able to refer to day programs that may be available at these clinics.

    Alternatively, you can be referred to a psychiatrist at any of the private clinics in Melbourne for admission under a psychiatrist working at these clinics. In addition, we are able to liaise closely with Area Mental Health Services to access emergency treatment via the public psychiatry services if required.

  • Do you have a Privacy Policy?

    All our clinicians are bound by strict privacy laws applicable to offering medical care and keeping medical records. Our record keeping systems are designed to offer the greatest safety possible in keeping your records confidential. Our staff are well trained to ensure your privacy is kept at all times.

  • What other information or resources can I access?

    If you have any questions or concerns not covered on our website, please do not hesitate to contact our reception staff during business hours and they will be most happy to assist.


    The Mental Health Foundation of Australia has prepared an excellent and extensive resource of links providing information from various agencies across a number of categories at their website.

    Subjects linked to include youth mental health, LGBTI mental health, grief and loss, suicide prevention and many more, and it’s an excellent place to turn to for further information about agencies and organisations that can assist in these areas.

    You can find their resource links here.

    NB Links provided are for information purposes only and are not intended for individuals needing practical or urgent assistance with specific mental health problems, or the mental health issues of friends and family.